Welcome to the official ROCKBOX website !

"70's PURE ROCK 'N ROLL !"

ROCKBOX will invoke the legends of rock in 2015! This larger than life group has been setting the road and stages of Europe on fire for over 5 years with nearly 400 concerts, and now they're shifting gears!

After their stint on prime time (semi-finalists on M6's Incredible Talent 2010), ROCKBOX rubbed shoulders with rock royality like the SCORPIONS, COCK ROBIN, ROGER HODGSON, LOUI BERTIGNAC and many others at PRINCE ALBERT of Monaco's 64th annual Red Cross Gala. The media hit the nail on the head in calling them "Rock UFOs"

Encouraged by rock journalist Philippe Manoeuvre, ROCKBOX fits definitively in the rock category: the five musicians covered the "Antisocial" masterpiece with Mr. NONO KRIEF himself (guitarist for TRUST), performed an energetic rendition of Led Zeppelin's "Rock n Roll" with DEBORAH BOHNAM and BEVERLY JO SCOTT and have opened for LOUIS BERTIGNAC, the "Frenchest" rocker!

In July 2013, it was THE meeting of a lifetime...

Won over by the enthusiasm and originality of their opening act, DEEP PURPLE (the pioneer legends) invited ROCKBOX to open for their UK tour in Manchester, Glasgow, Birmingham and London for 2 days!

In October 2013, the birthplace of rock music discovered - and adored - the rock and short shorts of ROCKBOX. Encouraged by these "bosses" of music, these five eccentric guys didn't stop there. They continued more than ever to preach the good word, without any bells or whistles, on the streets, where they invite you to discover their stage show: an hour and a half of pure energy!

In 2014, the marriage of Mr and Mrs. Philippe Manoeuvre and opening act of Christophe Maë at Guitar Nights in Patrimonio (Corsica). Recording and release of a third album  "A-LIVE," recorded in public at the Lax n Blues festival.